The Brooklyn Museum Expedition to the Precinct of
the Goddess Mut in Karnak:

- 'Brooklyn Museum and the Precinct of Mut', on the museum's website:
→ www
also available here:
→ www
- Preliminary reports on the excavation seasons 1996–2019 in both English and Arabic:
→ www
- Dig Diaries (by Mary McKercher, since 2005):
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The other expedition in the Mut Precinct (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore):
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More background information on early excavators in the Mut Precinct (by William H. Peck):
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Egypte-reizen op maat /
Tailor-Made Tours to the Known and Unknown Egypt:

- Djed Reizen → www

- Djed Egypt Travel → www

Other recommended websites:

- Art by Ros Harvey → www and Tim Stampton → www at Ballagh Studio, Malin, Co. Donegal, Ireland. See also → www

- Book illustrations by Maaike Boven, Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen, Friesland: → www

- Jewellery by Barbara Falke-Meijer, Atelier De Zilverling, Leiden: → www

- Het Carillon, the last classical music shop in Groningen, where I have bought my LPs and CDs for nearly half a century, has recently closed its doors, but they can still be found on the web: → www